Celebrate 'National Tell a Story Day' on April 27 at Your House
Local & National News | April 23, 2020
Author of Blessed to be Me tells cocooning families how to bond over shared memories they have likely been keeping to themselves

National Tell a Story Day usually brings with it formal events at libraries and bookstores in which families gather to be entertained. This year, of course, is different but if affords the intriguing possibility of a more personal celebration in which family members swap their own stories on April 27 or anytime. Jean Alfieri, the author of the newly released book Blessed to be Me for adults and Zuggy the Rescue Pug children's books, wants to encourage all of us to tune out the chaos and tune in to their blessings and favorite memories.

According to Alfieri, a previous human resource and organizational development executive turned author, speaker and dog fan, being stuck at home can have its advantages; there is time to reflect and connect. In Blessed to be Me, she provides writing prompts that guide people to recalling the best, worst and weirdest of days, along with how each shaped who they are today.

In an interview, Alfieri, a veteran of local television news programs, can share:

  • A few of the book's 12 major and many minor prompts that make storytelling fun and easy
  • Why awesome family stories are more powerful than DNA in connecting with one's heritage
  • How the real story is not the number of years someone has lived, but the life contained in those years

"It's important, especially in uncertain times like these, to look back on and remember the good times of our lives – the adventures, special people, favorite places, funny moments, and so much more that make up our cherished memories," Alfieri said. 

About Jean Alfieri

Jean Alfieri knew when her eyes locked with those of a smooshy-faced, little dog who sat inside a kennel at the Humane Society that it was love at first sight. Later, she was compelled to self-publish a collection of short-story poems starring her often mischievous and always adorable rescue pug named Zuggy some years later, after he passed. Saddened by the prospect that her fondest memories with her beloved pet might be forgotten, Alfieri realized how much of our human legacy is lost within a single generation. Inspired, she created Blessed to be Me: Celebrate the Stories of Your Life, a fun and easy way to capture awesome life stories. Alfieri resides in Colorado Springs, Colo., with her husband and senior rescue dogs. She is an avid proponent of adoption for all dogs: pure breeds, mixed breeds, young or (her preference) "vintage puppies" who are in need of a "fur-ever" home. Her favorite breed is Rescued.

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